ADMA Precordial Stethoscopes meet every dental board regulation for required ventilation monitoring.

  • EARPIECE → Earbud with a recoiled tube to prevent pulling on the ear piece.
  • TUBING→ Medical grade latex free 2.5 ft
  • CHEST PIECE→ Pediatric Bell made from high grade surgical stainless steel.  Thin & sleek to allow for sticker placement on the chest piece.

A precordial stethoscope is a stethoscope that is placed on the chest (just the bell part).  It is attached to tubing with an ear piece on the other end.  The dentist can use it to intermittently or continuously listen to breath sounds and heart tones throughout the case. You can quickly pick up on changes in patient’s condition (loss of breath sounds, loss of heart tones, etc).  Having the precordial stethoscope on during the entire case allows the sedation provider to quickly hear when breath sounds decrease/cease. That way, you can remedy the situation before the oxygen levels drop.

  • Comes with earpiece, tube and precordial chest piece
  • Comes assembled and easy to use
  • Meets dental board regulations
  • Exceeds site inspection standards
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A Precordial Stethoscope is very useful to VALIDATE VENTILATION.  Every sedation case (minimal and moderate) requires that VENTILATION IS VERIFIED AND DOCUMENTED THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE CASE.  There are only 3 ways that VENTILATION can be legitimately documented. The three ways to document ventilation are as follows:

  1. Precordial Stethoscope
  2. Capnography
  3. Phonation

Make sure you are providing APPROPRIATE CARE for your sedation patients.  Precordial Stethoscopes are cost effective, easy to use, and accurate.  The ADMA Precordial Stethoscopes come with dual auditory ear pieces and a high quality surgical stainless steel chest piece.

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