Nationally Recognized IV Sedation Certification

November 02, 2024 - Monroe, MI


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Trusted Credentialing – Meet Your State’s Requirements

The ADMA / RMS is proud to offer an IV sedation training as a nationally recognized ADA CERP CE Provider. This program ensures that its curriculum, airway training, dental office emergency response training, and use of case simulation adhere to the ADA guidelines in effect at the time training occurs.

This means that upon successfully completing the ADMA IV Sedation Certification Course, you will be presented with official credentialing documents that satisfy both the ADA’s national recommendations as well as University-Level credentials from an accredited teaching hospital. This satisfies state dental board requirements in 44 states. (We are currently not accepting applicants from Florida, Maine, Missouri, New York, Ohio & Nevada.)

Don’t be fooled by trainers that leave you hanging once the course is over! The ADMA guides its graduates until they have their permit in their hands, and beyond. Get a guarantee from your training provider before registering.

Course Highlights:

This clinic features an overabundance of individual cases for dentists to establish a maximum amount of sedation case experience during the week of clinical training. High volume courses help learners fine-tune their sedation protocols in real time with numerous patient experiences.

At this course you will:

  • Personally administer and manage 20 IV sedation cases
  • Complete a minimum of 60 hours of sedation education (Our curriculum exceeds the ADA national recommendations)
  • 1 Week of Clinical Training (Saturday-Friday) 7 AM – 5 PM
  • Flexible didactics you can complete via remote learning
  • 20+ clinical cases per dentist
  • Maximum 2:1 participant to staff ratio
  • Maximum 4 dentist course size
  • Daily didactics and clinical simulations
  • Discuss your insights and questions at daily case reviews
  • Receive individualized training in:
    • patient evaluation and selection
    • use of equipment
    • personnel requirements
    • monitoring
    • documentation
    • office setup
    • patient medical management
    • emergency management


IV Sedation Training is an Investment.

It’s our job to make sure you receive the highest quality training available. When you embark on the journey to IV sedation certification, you’re investing time and energy into acquiring a lifetime skill. By training with the ADMA, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality training available. Here’s how:


Starting your Sedation Journey

When you register for an ADMA IV sedation course, you’re signing up for the complete package. Before you register, our credentialing team is on call at 406-404-5204 to help you navigate your state-specific training requirements. A nonrefundable $5,000 deposit secures your registration, gets you unlimited access to the complete ADMA IV Sedation Course Manual, interactive pre-course preparation tests, and live, individualized video conferencing with an anesthesiologist to ensure you arrive to the hands-on portion ready to apply your knowledge.


Pre-Clinical Preparation

Once you’ve secured your registration, the next step on your IV sedation journey is to prepare for your clinical training. This course gives you two flexible options to achieve proficiency in your IV understanding before applying it with real patients:


Option 1: Interactive Remote Learning

Study anywhere you have internet access and save money on travel and lodging! With this option, you will be provided with a comprehensive IV sedation course manual, interactive proficiency assessments, and live, personalized video conferencing with an anesthesiologist. Dentists that choose this selection enjoy the flexibility it affords their busy schedules.


Option 2: In-Person Learning

This route is best suited for kinetic learners who best acquire information through a hands-on, face to face experience. In this option, you’ll select a 3-day weekend to train in-person with our team of sedation experts. A highlight of this option is additional time with our state-of-the-art simulation manakin. If you opt for the in-person selection, you will still have access to the materials the remote learners receive.


The Clinical Week

Students begin their clinical orientation on Saturday with our IV instructor cadre. First, you’ll review pharmacology & physiology, covering bay preparation, starting IVs, and reinforcing strong airway management skills. On Monday, patients start arriving and you’ll get to put your hard-earned skills in action! Each dentist is assigned their own patient pool and receives one-on-one instruction from sedation experts. Learners have the option to perform concurrent dentistry while they sedate or focus entirely on the effects of sedation (this decision is usually informed by your state’s regulations). In between cases, dentists join our high fidelity simulator to practice the most common sedation-specific emergency scenarios. As graduation approaches, your instructors will give you more and more freedom in your cases. By Friday, you will be ready to return to your practice as a safe, effective, and confident IV sedation practitioner.


Obtaining Your IV Sedation Permit

Once you’ve successfully completed your training, it’s time to deal with the paperwork. At the ADMA, we believe it’s part of our duty as trainers to help get you up and running once you return to your practice. Unlike most sedation trainers, we assign you a dedicated credentialing assistant to walk you through the application process. When it’s time for your site inspection, you’ll have access to an ADMA instructor who will walk you through the optimal office setup. Additionally, our graduates receive exclusive discounts on the necessary IV supplies, monitors, and equipment.


Post-Permit Support

Once you’ve successfully received your permit, it’s time to take your real first steps in your IV sedation journey: your first solo cases back at your practice! This is an exciting moment, and the ADMA will be ready to help get you started. For the life of your sedation career, you’ll be able to reach out to your friends at the ADMA to help support you in making sure you’ve established an IV sedation practice you can be proud of. Course graduates receive a packet of editable sedation documentation forms suitable for office use. When the time comes to renew your permit with CE credits, you’re invited to train with us at one of our many 1 or 2-day recertification courses across the country. There, you can brush up on your airway management skills, learn new sedation protocols, and keep up to date on the latest industry trends.


Invest in Yourself.
Train with the Sedation Experts.
Choose the ADMA IV Sedation Certification Program Today.

The ADMA will make every effort to assist you in obtaining your sedation permit. It is ultimately the responsibility of the licensed dentist to know their state’s sedation regulations. ADMA graduates have a 100% success rate in achieving their permits in states that accept our program.



We are a Physician-Based Board-Certified Anesthesia staff that specializes in training dentists to standards set forth by each state’s dental boards and the American Society of Anesthesiologists. This course satisfies state dental board requirements in 44 states. (We are currently not accepting applicants from Florida, Maine, Missouri, New York, Ohio & Nevada.)

Prior to the Clinical Component We Provide

  • Study Materials
  • Interactive Didactics (Scheduled at your convenience including evenings and weekends)
  • Monitor & Equipment Purchase Advice
Course Topics
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology
  • Monitoring Technology and Practicum
  • Dosing Protocols
  • Pre-Screening and Discharge Strategies
  • Documentation
  • Consent
  • Medical History
  • Sedation Flow-Sheet
  • Discharge
  • Medication Inventory
  • Airway Management Training & Proficiency:
    • Ambu Bag Mask Ventilation
    • Oral/Nasal airways
    • LMA’s
    • Manual adjustment
    • Intubation
  • Sedation Emergency and Medical Emergency Response Training:
    • Laryngospasm, Bronchospasm, Emesis and aspiration, Airway blockage by foreign body, Angina pectoris, Myocardial infarction, Hypertension/Hypotension, Hypertensive crisis, Allergic and toxicity reactions, Seizures, Syncope, Phlebitis, Intra-arterial injection, Hyperventilation/Hypoventilation, Cardiac arrest, Cardiac arrhythmias, Hyperventilation, Hypoventilation
Clinical Training:
  • 1 Week (Saturday-Friday) 7 AM – 5 PM
  • 20+ clinical cases
  • Every dentist has their assistant
  • Training Provided by Anesthesiologists And Dental Sedation Experts With Over 60 Cumulative Years of Sedation Practice
    • Maximum 2:1 participant to staff ratio
    • Maximum 4 Dentist course size
  • Daily didactics and emergency simulations
  • Individualized Faculty Support With Small Participant to Staff Ratio (max. 4 dentists)
  • Learn to Prepare your Practice for Sedation
  • Develop the skills and confidence to pre-screen your patients for sedation
  • Maintain complete medical records and controlled substance inventories
  • Apply varied sedation protocols
  • Understand the limitations of your clinical monitors and how to interpret the data they provide
  • Discuss your insights and questions at daily case reviews

Once you graduate from this program, we make ourselves available to answer your questions and provide sedation and credentialing guidance at a moment’s notice. Should you desire further training in order to feel more comfortable and prepared, you are welcome to attend a future training session at no charge.

Assistant Training

From a safety standpoint, having an additional member of your team educated alongside you is the best way to prepare your facility for an extra layer of security, and ensure patient safety during sedation cases.  Dental assistants view patient care through a similar yet different lens than that of the dentist. Because of this, they offer an extra layer of protection in noticing things that the dentist may overlook. Assistants should not be intimidated by the course material at hand!

Many states require at least one of your assistants to be certified in ACLS in order to provide IV sedation in your office. We include ACLS training as part of this course to ensure your states regulations are being met. Our ACLS simulator has been specifically designed to address the most common dental sedation emergency scenarios, and includes assistant-specific roles as part of the curriculum.

As an institution, we require that you bring at least one of your assistants or support staff because they will be able to pass along the information they learn at the course to the rest of your team upon return to your facility. We feel this is such an imperative that we will provide you with your first assistant’s IV training free of charge when you register for the IV certification course!

Assistants train along side their doctor the entire week. Assistants will focus on achieving proficiency in skills such as:

  • IV placement
  • Individual monitor setup & interpretation
  • Airway management
  • Effective prescreening
  • State-Compliant case documentation

Additional information

60 hour Didactic Selection

OPTION 1: Remote Live Video Conferences, OPTION 2: In-Person Didactics (3-Day Course Attendance)

Payment Amount

Deposit, Pay In Full

Assistant Selection

1 Assistant $0, 2 Assistants $1000, 3 Assistants $2000

Event Details

Date: 2024-11-02

Start time: 07:15

End time: 17:00

Venue: Monroe, MI

Directions: TBA

Phone: (855) 406-7671