IV Sedation Certification for RDA/RDH

18 September 2019 - Dayton, OH


The ADMA IV Sedation Assistant  Training Course exceeds state training requirements for dental assistants and dental hygienists.  National guidelines recommend that dental assistants monitoring sedated patients are to be certified in at least twelve (12) combined hours of classroom and clinical instruction in:

  1. Anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology
  2. Monitoring
  3. Emergency procedures with an emphasis on airway management
  • Learn the Scientific Principles (Pharmacology & Physiology) Upon Which Dental Sedation is Based
  • Understand the Necessity of Monitoring Patients Under Sedation and its Applications
  • Connect Clinical Anatomy and Physiology to the Information Displayed on Electronic Monitors
  • Master the Use of Monitoring in The Clinical Environment
  • Observe Live Case Video Feeds That Emphasize The Assistant’s Role in The Operatory
  • Participate in Clinical Emergency Simulations in a Challenging but Supportive Environment


3 Day (30 credits) ADMA IV Sedation Certification for Assistants & Hygienists. Composed of lecture and hands-on topics, this course builds a confident assistant that can safely work with IV sedation dentists. It is imperative that dentists develop a strong team to practice sedation dentistry safely and effectively.  Having dental assistants attend this course provides the foundation to do just that.  Attendees will return to work with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • How anatomy, physiology and pharmacology impact patients when under sedation
  • Airway management algorithms and the techniques and equipment required to apply them
  • How to monitor sedated patients and communicate their status to the sedating dentist
This is all brought together when the assistants work as a team through hands-on clinical cases in the course.  The three day course satisfies all state certification requirements for dental assistants & hygienists.
Each day of training consists of a morning & afternoon round of cases. Didactic lecture and emergency airway simulations are performed between cases. Attendees are paired with a dentist to assist in the completion of IV sedation dentistry cases from start to finish.

Event Details

Date: 18 September 2019

Start time: 08:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Dayton, OH

Coordinates: 39.7646663,-84.1835746

Directions: 627 E. 1st Street Dayton, OH 45412

Phone: +1-855-406-7671

Email: mercer@admatraining.org

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