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2 March 2019 - Ft. Lauderdale



1.) In the first box to the right, select the days you would like to attend (Botox, Filler, or Both).

2.) In the second and third boxes, select the quantity of injectable you would like to receive at the course. Please note that a minimum of one unit must be included for each day of certification training.

3.) If you are taking the all-inclusive course, you will be given the option to purchase only Botox or only Filler. This option is for practitioners who wish to attend for CE and not certification. If you wish to be certified for both, please select at least one unit of each injectable for use during the course.

These facial aesthetic courses will significantly expand the scope of your practice.  Dentists quickly become highly proficient with cosmetic and therapeutic botox for two reasons: they have a strong working knowledge of regional head and neck anatomy and expert fine motor skills with injections.  This course provides the ADMA another opportunity to bridge the gap between medicine and dentistry.

Course Excellence

This course trains a maximum of 20 dentists. By limiting course size to 20 dentists, we are able to personally train every registered dentist, review all curriculum and exceed training requirements.

  • Taught by a field experts.
  • Individualized instruction by a clinicians with 25 years of experience Facial Aesthetics.
  • Course focus – cosmetic and therapeutic applications.
  • Practically apply head and neck knowledge through the use of regional anatomy for both Botox and Fillers.
  • Build confidence with live and simulated injections.
  • Decrease unnecessary referrals
  • Profound increase in patient base and net profits


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  • 10 CE (8 Course CE + 2 Pre Reading)
  • Botox Cosmetic Uses
  • Patient Selection & Consultation
  • Botox Preparation & Dilution
  • Craniofacial Anatomy & Botox Pharmacology Review
  • Injection Practicum with 2 live patients per Dentist
  • The Limits of Facial Cosmetics
  • Botox Billing, Advertising, and Event Hosting
  • 10 CE (8 Course CE + 2 Pre Reading)
  • Patient Selection & Consultation
  • Juvederm Cosmetic Uses
  • Juvederm Selection & Consultation
  • Juvederm Application
  • Live Juvederm Injection Practicum
  • Kybella Pharmacology & Cosmetic Uses
  • Kybella Preparation & Application

Registration Instructions
  • In the upper right, select your desired Course Option.
  • The Saturday option covers Botox-specific instruction [10 CE]
  • The Sunday option covers Juvederm with Kybella introduction [10 CE]
  • The All-Inclusive option registers you for both Saturday and Sunday's courses [20 CE]

Each Botox course will cover the full spectrum of cosmetic Botox applications.  Every registered dentist will be allowed to bring two volunteers. The dentist will inject their volunteers for facial cosmetic treatment.  The dentist’s staff is encouraged to fill this position.  This will allow the volunteer to participate in the entire course.  The course begins with a thorough review of craniofacial anatomy, Botox pharmacology, and Botox dilution and preparation.  Patient selection and consultation training precedes the live injection practicum.  The course summary will train dentist how to bill, advertise, and how to host Botox events. While Botox is most commonly thought of as a cosmetic treatment, it was originally developed by a dentist for medical treatment.  Over the years it has become the first line treatment of choice for a number of medical/neurological conditions. The course will also review the use of Botox for treatment of headache and orofacial pain disorders such as Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction, migraine, and chronic daily headache.  Comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of headache disorders as they are encountered in a dental practice will be covered to provide the expertise needed to safely incorporate headache treatment into a dental practice. This course is taught by our physician anesthesiologists with years of clinical experience using Botox for boutique private plastic surgery centers.  Additional clinical staff includes dentists that have over a decade of experience incorporating Botox into their private practice.  Each department chair is currently active at the university level teaching as an attending.
Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid frequently used to smooth out wrinkles of the face, in the areas of nasolabial folds, lips, oral commissures and marionette lines. It can also be used in dentistry to address uneven lips, improve perioral aesthetics and for high lip line cases. Our instructors have decades of teaching and clinical experience and will give you a full understanding of placement techniques, patient prescreening, and anatomical aesthetics. Results yield a more youthful look and compliment any aesthetic dentistry case presented to you. Dermal fillers provide patients with semi-permanent results that last longer than other facial aesthetic procedures. Dentists already provide healthy and beautiful smiles, it’s time to consider adding the aesthetic realm to your oral and systemic practice of the face. After all, Dentists are more familiar with the facial regions than any other healthcare provider. Upon course completion, you will receive a diploma, certification packet, and a packet of training materials and forms that can be used in your practice. Practitioners who have achieved 500 or more cases qualify for our Kybella/Juvederm Injection Practicum. For more information, call (855) 406-7671

Additional information

Course Option

Botox (Saturday), Juvederm with Kybella Intro (Sunday), All-Inclusive (Sat. & Sun.)

Botox Amount

No Botox, Botox Vial (50u) x1 – $336, Botox Vial (50u) x2 – $672, Botox Vial (50u) x3 – $1008, Botox Vial (50u) x4 – $1,344

Filler Amount

No Filler, Filler Syringe (1cc) x1 – $344, Filler Syringe (1cc) x2 – $688, Filler Syringe (1cc) x3 – $1,032, Filler Syringe (1cc) x4 – $1,376

Event Details

Date: 2 March 2019

Start time: 08:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Ft. Lauderdale

Coordinates: 26.050546,-80.1634765

Directions: Hyatt Place Ft. Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port 91 SW 18th Ave Dania Beach, FL 33004

Phone: 855-406-7671

Email: mercer@admatraining.org

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