Emergency Airway and Medicine Kit



  1. Your emergency medicine can be ordered directly from SASRX.  With this inventory, you will never pay marked up medicine charges for your emergency kit again.
  2. All medicine compartments are labeled with organized names and doses for each emergency.
  3. Your kit will include a laminated copy of the ADMA Emergency Reference Guide for Sedation Dentistry.
  4. The kit comes with a laminated emergency airway management protocol.
  5. Dosing recommendations for: bronchospasm, arrhythmias, seizures, HTN, hypotension, laryngospasm, aspiration, hypoglycemia, chest pain (MI), Vtach, Vfib, Asystole and anaphylaxis are included in your medicine organizer.
  6. Upon purchase, we will contact your office via your registered email.  Your state sedation practice and route of delivery will be verified.  Kits are shipped within 24 hours of contact.  Direct phone orders are accepted at 855.406.7671.
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This kit is designed specifically for sedation dentists.  BE PREPARED!! New rule changes are coming.  Our emergency kit exceeds all 50 states regulations for equipment and medicine for MODERATE CONSCIOUS SEDATION (Oral & IV practitioners).  The key to a functional emergency is simplicity and practicality.  Kit contains:

  1. Ambu Bag with Mask and oxygen line
  2. Oral Airways: sm, md, lg, xl
  3. Nasal Airways: sm, md, lg
  4. LMA’s: #3 & #5 with 20 cc for syringe each LMA
  5. Emergency non rebreather mask with oxygen line
  6. Lubricant
  7. Stethoscope
  8. Portable suction
  9. Tonsillar suction catheter
  10. 15 l/m flow Oxygen regulator with pressure gauge
  11. e cylinder wrench
  12. Emergency IV line set: (Tape, Tourniquet, IV line set, (3) 22 gauge IV catheters, ETOH wipe, gloves, gauze)
  13. Flashlight
  14. Emergency medicine organizer with dosing for specific emergencies common to dental offices.
  15. ER laminated reference cards
  16. Laminated airway algorithm
  17. Discharge laminated criteria
  18. Sedation room set up laminated checklist
  19. Supplement states: additional $99.00
    • Endotracheal tubes: sizes 6 & 7 with stylets
    • Laryngoscope
    • Magills forceps

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