IV Sedation CE Courses for Assistants

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Our IV sedation CE course for ASSISTANTS produces assistants that can practice at an advanced level with their dentist. They develop a solid understanding in sedation pharmacology, physiology, and monitoring.  Trained assistants become proficient in RUNNING AND ASSISTING emergencies in a dental office.  The ADMA develops a team member that the dentist can rely upon as not only an emergency assistant but an emergency resource.  Case simulation, individual instructor interaction, and hands on exposure that train an assistant to lead and to be a team member create a high demand for this course.  *Select “learn more” from any of the above courses for an in depth content and training description.

1 Day Course 8 CE Credits for Assistants
  • Introduces sedation lecture topics to advance the assistants sedation knowledge level.
  • Pharmacology Key Points:
    • Dangerous dosing
    • Respiration cautions
    • Duration and mechanism of action
  • Physiology Key Points:
    • Understand each monitor parameter and how it relates to physiology
    • Understand how sedatives affect a patient’s physiology
  • Participation in group simulations and emergencies.

2 Day Course 16 CE Credits for Assistants
  • Integrates live case simulations and airway management with challenging sedation emergencies.
  • Show proficiency in the ADMA airway algorithm
  • Individual emergency airway and medical simulations
  • Assistants must lead emergency airway and medical simulations
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