Nationally Recognized IV Sedation Certification

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The ADMA, in conjunction with RMS, is proud to offer university accredited sedation certification at a Kettering Health Residency Dental Clinic. For Ohio Dentists, Rocky Mountain Sedation will remain the regional training provider. The Ohio State Dental Board has approved the RMS training program as a member of the ADMA.


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We have vast experience providing IV sedation training. This course is the cornerstone of our corporation. Maintaining direct communication with the Dental Boards ensures we provide training that exceeds your state’s expectations. Train with the experts. Individualize your training.

We are the only course that utilizes 1 on 1 training.

The ADMA does not allow 3 dentists to share 1 patient. 

The ADMA designs your protocols based off of your skills, state requirements, and patient demographics. Every dentist receives training from Board Certified Anesthesiologists, Oral Surgeons, and Expert Sedation Dentists. To become certified for parenteral (IV) conscious sedation, the ADMA requires:

1. Comprehensive training in the administration and management of 25 individual parenteral (IV) sedation cases.
2. Live training in patient evaluation and selection, use of equipment, personnel requirements, monitoring, documentation, patient medical management, and emergency management.
3. A minimum of 75 hours of sedation education. This curriculum exceeds the ADA national recommendations.

We are a Physician and Dentist Based Board Certified Anesthesia staff that specializes in training dentists to the American Society of Anesthesiologists standards.  We certify dentists to exceed state regulations in all 50 states.*  The ADMA certifies dentists nationwide and produces results. Our success for permits is 100%, and we walk you through the entire credentialing process.  6 months of post course clinical help is included. *MO requires a one year residency for a parenteral sedation permit.

Assistant Training

Assistants begin training on Wednesday morning of the clinical training week. After completing orientation with their physician instructor, they join their respective dentist for live case experiences. To see a more in-depth description of the assistant training program, select one of the course dates above.