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  • ADA CERP nationally recognized CE provider

  • Pre-Approved sedation training program through state dental boards that participate in pre-approval status.


The Academy of Dental and Medical Anesthesia bridges the gap between doctors of dentistry and doctors of medicine by providing professional and comprehensive sedation training and continuing dental education. We promote an open dialogue between dental and medical professionals. The Academy of Dental and Medical Anesthesia consists of field experts and Board Certified Anesthesiologists that integrate balanced anesthesia techniques into sedation dentistry. Our unique training model empowers the instructor and attendee to participate in an open and free dialogue of the subject at hand.  We are committed to providing dental and medical professionals with the level of training necessary to ensure sedation services are provided safely and with confidence.

We bring years of applied clinical experience to our lectures and on site training. Our team includes anesthesiologists, certified nurse anesthetists, oral surgeons and dentists. Our staff has worked for several years providing anesthesia services for plastic surgeons, oral surgeons and dentists in the office-based setting. We have developed anesthesia protocols and techniques that are specific to dental procedures. Our staff teaches a balanced anesthetic approach designed by our board certified anesthesiologists. A balanced anesthetic approaches sedation with a deeper insight into why a sedation protocol occasionally fails. Sedation dosing, pain, amnesia, and level of consciousness are very important components in sedation dentistry. Integrating pharmacology and physiology with the patient’s clinical presentation is essential when sequential dosing is implemented.

Our courses place strong emphasis on pharmacology, physiology, and a functional clinical examination. This allows the dentist to apply our techniques while maintaining patient safety throughout the case. Airway management, emergency response, patient selection, and discharge criteria are the cornerstones of safety in sedation dentistry. The ADMA places a priority on demonstrating proficiency in airway management and emergency response. We also teach clients to safely screen and discharge patients like an anesthesiologist.

The Academy of Dental and Medical Anesthesia (ADMA) is different.

We are committed to academic and clinical excellence, and produce a confident and well trained client.

Our Team

Gary Mermel, MD

Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Curriculum Director | 855.202.5273

Cory Pickens, MD

Anesthesiologist, Didactics | 406.371.6497

Erwin Washington, COO

Aerospace Engineering, Dental Emergency Simulation & COO | 303.506.8724

Leigh-Ann Schuerman, DMD

Dental Sedation Instructor, Clinical Director| ADMA | 855-406-7671

Michael Morehead, DDS

Dental Sedation Instructor| ADMA | 855-406-7671

Mercer Sargent

BA, Director of Operations, ACLS Instructor | ADMA | 406-404-5204

Ryan Cappis

BS, Course Administrator | ADMA | 847-977-4627

Clare Jowell

BS, Director of Marketing | ADMA | 855-406-7671